Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not Again!

The young lady pictured at left - see below portion of article from Fox News Online - has dared to speak out against gay marriage.

Miss Beverly Hills and upcoming Miss California contender Lauren Ashley spoke out to Pop Tarts earlier this week against gay marriage -- and as a result she has been publicly condemned by the City of Beverly Hills.
"The City of Beverly Hills today denounced statements made by Miss California USA contestant Lauren Ashley, the self-described Miss Beverly Hills. Ms. Ashley resides in Pasadena and is currently a contestant for the Miss California USA title. She does not represent Beverly Hills in any capacity," the city said in a news release issued Wednesday. "The City of Beverly Hills strongly condemns Ms. Ashley's recent statements and has contacted pageant officials to determine ways to formally prevent any beauty contestants claiming the title of Miss Beverly Hills in the future."

I see California still stands four-square against Free Speech.  It seems that speech, in the land of oranges and sunshine, is only free if one agrees with the Powers That Be.  Personally, I don't care who marries whom - if they at least keep in within the same species.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


My new novel, MURDER FOR THE LOVE OF COPS will be announced in this space within the next month.  It is a novel of the New Orleans Police Department and its pursuit of a serial killer.  Females of social standing from various parts of the city - from Uptown to the Lake Front - are being found dead with their throats sashed and their bare bottoms exposed to the world.  Officer Tim Riley of the 2nd Police District and his compatriots scan the City That Care Forgot for the unknown murderer.

The book will appear on  I urge each reader of this blog, when it is announced, to rush out and buy two or three hundred copies, and ask their friends to do the same.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras

Today is Mardi Gras Day.  Well over a million people will be crowding the streets of New Orleans, and surrounding cities.  Lots of beer will be drunk, many purses snatched, children lost, pockets picked, and the police will have a hell of a fine time fighting the crowds.  When I was still in the police business, I had half of Bourbon Street for Mardi Gras (on my watch anyway).  The crowds were so thick and so loud that one could not see or hear beyond the reach of an arm.  It was like being in a seven and a half block long, crowded elevator - filled with drunks.  The overwhelming stench of spilled beer and dried urine affects only the sober.

One of these days some terrorist mope is going to see the chance to "make a statement" by killing lots of people, packed in crowds like sardines in a can.  Panic may be only a day away.  In the meantime, party on.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Photo and quoted text from Fox News Online.

"The Transportation Security Administration plans to clear 10,000 workers for access to secret intelligence, Fox News has learned. 
"The move comes as a slew of security agencies try to improve intelligence-sharing in the wake of the attempted Christmas Day bombing. However, a TSA spokesman told Fox News that the plan to give thousands of workers security clearance was developed in July 2008, and that the background checks started one year ago."

We used to have a saying:  'Three people can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.'  If 10K people have access to "classified" information, it ain't classified for long.  It should take less than three minutes for this "classified" information to find it's way to the press.  And the bad guys.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gibbs the Goon

Fox News carried the below (and photo at left) as a part of a short article on comments about Sarah Pain by Robt, Gibbs:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs took a swipe at Sarah Palin Tuesday, mimicking the former vice presidential candidate's decision to use her hand as a notepad at the National Tea Party Convention last week.
At the daily press briefing, Gibb showed his left hand with writing on it, which apparently was his grocery list to purchase ahead of the expected snowstorm.

Ms Palin evidently made a comment or two about Obama's extensive use of the TelePrompter.  Sarah can, if one is to believe the fumbling, stumbling Gibbs, get as much verbal milage from a few notes scribbled on her hand as his boss can get in unlimited text available on (2) TelePrompters.  This is like someone trying to make fun of a majestic Eagle by pointing his smelly finger at a small duck, saying one is equal to the other.  Obama sure picked some yo-yo's to work for him.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recommended Book

Larry Lambert's new book, WHITE POWDER is now available.  The book, part spy story and part love story, takes place in Laos in the mid-1960s.  The depiction of Laos, and some of the very strange characters hanging about Vientiane at that time, is accurate.  I was there for a bit in 1967, and Larry's book lets you smell the streets.

His web site for the book is: