Sunday, May 30, 2010

                graphic from FoxNews online

Some ranking officers are wondering what to do with the various in-country memorials to the Americans fallen in Iraq.

Perhaps some genius politician will come up with a new memorial in Washington.  That would be nice.

These men and women died for their fellow soldiers, their countrymen and their country.  They joined the military, knowing that part of the job might include dying.  Eyes open, they stood up for America.  God rest them every one.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mexican president calderon is upset with the U.S.A.  Seems the flow of his citizens, via illegal entry, into Arizona is endangered.  He advised our Congress that he was very unhappy with this state of affairs.

Mexico seems to treat aliens entering into that country with somewhat less than open arms.

Hummmm.  Maybe his citizens should stay home and overthrow their government, to make it bearable for a place in which to live and get a job.

Monday, May 17, 2010


"The President warns us that Americans must beware of "the craziest claims" and "arguments" in which "information becomes a distraction" that puts "pressures" on "our democracy." What was behind Barack Obama's recent remarks to the graduating class of Hampton University? What "information" must Americans fear?

"FCC Chief Diversity Officer Mark Lloyd foretold Obama's meaning in a coauthored 2007 Center for American Progress (CAPreport. The report complained that 91 percent of talk radio was conservative and praised the "more balanced" programming "in markets such as New York and Chicago." The deep blue demographics of two of the bluest American cities betray a deceitful usage of the term "more balanced." "

For two times in as many weeks president obama has made "anti-information" statements.  Will we next see "I know better than you what should be allowed in the news," statements?  

He seems to be working toward that goal.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eric the Dolt

Holder wants the government - yes, OUR government - to sue the state of Arizona because on an anti-illegal immigration bill the state passed.  Only problem?  Holder testified today that he hadn't read the 10 page (16 pages with addendum) bill.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

SEAL Not Guilty

The last of three Navy SEALs accused of punching a captured Arab terrorist has been found Not Guilty.

They were accused by a fellow sailor, who was NOT a SEAL.  The accuser thought the three mean might have made the terr's lip bleed.  He stated that one of the SEALS punched the terr in the chest.  Oooooooooooo.

What a slime ball, to falsely accuse his comrades.  I'd like to see him leap from a tall building in a single bound.  Great future he's got in the Navy.