Monday, December 28, 2009

I have met plumbers who were nice guys, and charged far too much.  I've also met plumbers who were evil, filthy swine, and charged far far too much.

I have friends who can, with a wrench and screw-driver, fix anything.  With detailed instruction, perfectly fitting parts and all needed tools, what I can do is smash my thumb or hit myself in the head with at least one of the tools.

From these observations, I have gathered that life is not fair.

Friday, December 25, 2009

My new Christmas hat.  Pip, pip, etc. ad infinitum.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas celebration on the levy of the Mississippi River, in St. James Parish, Louisiana.


A Novel of the CIA and the Secret War in Laos

Larry Lambert's new book is an adventurous novel about the actions of the CIA, U.S. Army Special Forces officers, and Army Security Agency communicators in the early to mid-sixties, in Laos.  A confusing time for America when we were trying to tell the world we weren't involved in Laos, while at the same time doing everything possible to combat the Communist assisted drug trade - even to assisting drug involved "friends."  It was a time when one "couldn't tell the players, without a program," and the United States was having a hard time telling good guys from bad.  That can happen when nobody wears uniforms, but everyone has guns.

Beautiful women, strange Intelligence agents, gun fights and love.  The book has everything.

Soon available on Amazon.  I suggest you buy a copy.  Or two.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Merry Christmas to all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Danes

From FoxNews website:

I think the Danish police must be really good people.  I like the way they handle protestors.

COPENHAGEN —  Danish police fired pepper spray and beat protesters with batons outside the U.N. climate conference on Wednesday, as disputes inside left major issues unresolved just two days before world leaders hope to sign a historic agreement to fight global warming.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gun Ownership

graphic from

People who refuse to arm themselves, still want someone else to protect them.  They think the police should drop what they’re doing at a moment’s notice to run to their aid.  Don’t they know that donuts get stale and coffee cold when abandoned?  If they had the decency to arm themselves, officers would not be forced to take their lives in their hands to rush over and save the ass of police hating anti-gun nuts.

Having had vast experience with this sort of citizen, I know they want their neighbors to drop what they’re doing to come to their aid.  Right.  The non-gun owners are more often than not the sorts who will do nothing to assist anyone in their neighborhood, but seem more than willing to accept help for themselves.  They are the type of people who would view a sign like the one displayed at left in a poor light.  They think they are the only ones allowed an opinion, an opinion that they can force on everyone they meet.  That their gun-owning neighbors also have rights.

A word for those who want to have guns but are afraid/will not use them.  Store the weapon in a bath of Vaseline.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why it was done.

Article for Imternational Association of Asian Crime Investigators Newsletter  11/98

Why Devote Money and Manpower to Asian Involved Investigations

“Hell boy, in ten years they’ll be just like us - Americans.”

“Estimates of the annual number of illegal Chinese migrants vary from 10,000 to 100,000. The latest estimate -- conducted by the Interagency Working Group that was established to monitor illegal immigration by Chinese -- suggest smugglers bring in up to 50,000 Chinese per year.”[1]

The key word, other than the astonishing numbers mentioned, is illegal[2]. They are illegally entered aliens. Police officers and Federal Agents involved in Law Enforcement exist to enforce the law. It often seems otherwise, especially when an officer or agent is told “That’s somebody else’s job.” Cops often hear “Aliens? Call Immigration,” or “That’s what the F.B.I. is supposed to do.” We’re all supposed to do it, boys and girls; we’re in law enforcement. The majority of victims of Asian committed crime are Asian. “Protect and Serve,” means everybody, not just a black, white or Hispanic electorate. It even includes the criminals themselves; illegal aliens, gamblers, pimps, hookers, lawyers.[3] Everybody!

Not all, or even most, criminal activity involving ethnic Asians is committed by illegal entrants into the Unites States. Legal immigrants, refugees, ethnic Asians born in the United States and/or any and every variation thereof can be found in the criminal fraternity.[4] Asian criminals target their own communities as well as involve themselves in National and International networking, for illegal purpose. Ignoring these subjects because of their ability to stay out of the headlines and, generally, off television is short sighted and downright stupid.

Chinese, Vietnamese, Lao, Cambodian, Japanese, etc.: No criminal group(s) has ever been more misunderstood. Language is a - perhaps the - major problem. Few cops speak Asian languages. Fewer still speak multiple dialects of any of these languages. Many Asian language speaking officers - not all, by any means - are American born, second, or third, generation, ethnic Asians. Many of them are of families who have made every effort possible to “fit in,” and “become American.” This has included a failure to study the native language of their parents, their linguistic abilities being limited to learning at home, from family and neighbors. The farther from the formal source of study, the more mistakes creep into a spoken language.[5] Not many officers are trained to speak Asian languages. It is expensive to send someone to a good language school.[6]

Some officers, having no language training, seem afraid to associate with people who speak a language they don’t. This may be what leads some idiotic policemen[7] to make statements like “They speak English, they just pretend not to,” and the ever popular “Talk about stupid; he don’t even speak English,” when the subject they speak of tries very hard to engage them in conversation, in broken, poorly pronounced English.[8] Lack of language skills can cripple an investigation, especially when trying to listen to someone on a wire, when no one in your agency speaks the needed language. Bringing in interpreters can be, and often is, a risky business; an inept or crooked interpreter can ruin your case.

Good reason, say some administrators, to stay away from alien crimes and cultures in general, and Asian crime in particular. Wrong, wrong, wrong: Go back to the “Protect and Serve,” part. There are members of this Association who have devoted their lives to Serving and Protecting in Asian communities throughout the world, many of them in the direct face of opposition from their administrations. These are the cops that need this publication and this Association to remain a viable, growing, active tool in criminal investigations. Not all police administrators are anti-Asian. Not all cops are short sighted and chauvinistic. The people who started this network[9] had the right idea; help each other get the job done. The Annual Asian Organized Crime Conference is filled with cops from all over the world who want to do just that, get the job done. Most of them are there with the assistance of their administrators.

Triads, Yakuza, street gangs, and family businesses specializing in crime are the reasons we do this. Crime is a virus. Left untended it will continue to grow[10]. We can never stop crime entirely. But we can try like hell. Support the I.A.A.C.I. and this publication. Send in photos of your bad guys[11] and flyers on your wanted subjects. We neither need nor want confidential information, just that needed to improve the quality of members’ investigations.

Study. Learn. Protect the good guys from the bad.[12]

Jack Willoughby
Lieutenant, N.O.P.D. (Ret.)
Scottsboro, AL.
November 1998

911 Words

[1]         Ko-lin Chin, HUMAN SNAKES, Illegal Chinese Immigrants in the United States, A Final Report Submitted to the National Science Foundation for the Research Project Entitled “Illegal Chinese Immigrants in the United States”, March 25, 1997, page 8
[2]                     il.le-gal - adj.: Not according to or authorized by law : UNLAWFUL
                        Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, A Merriam-Webster ®, Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A., G. & C. MERRIAM COMPANY
[3]                  You know, we should be able to draw the line somewhere.
[4]                     Yeah, yeah honey. Girls too.
[5]                     Look at Cajun French.
[6]         Diplomatic Language School is a good example. A great school, but very expensive.
[7]                     Yeah, yeah honey. Girls too.
[8]         What this does mean, is that the subject under discussion usually speaks at least one more language than the idiot.
[9]                     Especially Phil Hannum and Jim Badey.
[10]                     I choose not to make any political statements.
[11]                     Yeah, yeah honey. Girls too.
[12]                     ibid


A need for alternate transportation now  exists.

"WASHINGTON - The Transportation Security Administration is investigating after they say an outdated version of their standard operating procedures manual was posted on the Internet. Who gets more scrutiny in line? What countries' passports are singled out? Who's exempt from screening? The answers to those questions and more were posted online for everybody to see.
The document dated May 28, 2008, is considered sensitive security information. It details who gets special treatment, and what to do with people who balk at the checkpoint.
Documents note that passengers from Cuba, North Korea, Libya and a number of other countries must undergo additional screening.
"You don't want discrimination against a certain country or against a certain population group or a certain group of people but if you don't profile, then I think you're missing the boat. You're not being realistic," Bob Boswellin, a passenger told WTTG in Washington, D.C.
It offers examples of identification documents that screeners accept, including congressional, federal air marshal and CIA ID cards; and it explains that diplomatic pouches and certain foreign dignitaries with law enforcement escorts are not subjected to any screening at all. It said certain methods of verifying identification documents aren't used on all travelers during peak travel crushes."

I have now downloaded a copy of the TSA Manual.  I must assume that every terrorist and college student in the universe has also done this.  Will someone be punished – like maybe hung naked from the landing gear of a Piper Cub?  I rather doubt it.  Flying however, has now become more dangerous by a large margin.  This will be explained away one of two ways by the democratic administration: • An innocent mistake made by an SIEU member - or - • It's Bush's fault.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Obama Youth Corps, Chinese Version?

Below copied from the Shanghaiist blog.  Oh my, what we have to look forward to.

From Mop:

I signed up for Chengguan Youth Special Forces

Chengguan, literally one who manages the city. But you probably haven’t heard of ChengguanYouth. Sunday, I was one of them.
Morning, I punctually reported to school. After a while, 6 chengguan uncles came from the bureau. First, the uncles explained to us the damages street vendors inflict upon the city’s image, such as traffic congestion, unsanitary foods, and poor-quality products.
Afterward, a chengguan uncle gave us military training. First, he showed us the correct standing and at ease positions. Because we’ve practiced in school, we did pretty well. But we spent  a lot of time on walking in synchronization. Uncle taught us the basic postures, but when we started practicing, everyone was like robots, moving very stiffly. Uncle mimicked the way we had walked, and we laughed.
With training finished, our class of 17 was divided into 2 groups, one went along Yanjiang Street to work as chengguan, the other went to People’s Park. Chengguan Uncle brought us to an entertainment area in People’s Park. There were many street vendors. Chengguan Uncle gave us a demonstration. He went up to a street vendor, pointed at the toys that were on sale, and said to the owner, ‘This is a public area, selling your products here will influence those that come to exercise. Hurry, take everything away, don’t sell here!’ After hearing Chengguan Uncle, the vendor immediately gathered his things and discreetly went away. Seeing Chengguan Uncle’s excellent tactics, some vendors quietly left without us approaching. I, too, deeply respect this Chengguan Uncle.
One enemy had been eliminated, we made for the next one. Just then, Chengguan Uncle saw an old grandmother resting her foot on a small tree, and told us, the task of stopping the old lady is yours. We accepted the duty, and approached the target. But as we got to the old grandmother, we hesitated. I was in a dilemma, should I do this or not? A question appeared in my mind: why not? Because I was frightened? No, I was a man! I gathered my courage, walked up, and said to the old lady: ‘Grandmother, if you rest your feet on the tree, it won’t grow.’ The old lady was understanding, and lowered her foot.
Then, we stopped a few aunties from washing clothes in the river. An entire morning passed this way, but it was a very happy and productive morning.
We were featured in the newspaper. I am very honored to have been a Chengguan Youth.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

An opinion from the Russians. Obama's pals.


Interesting opinion from pages of Pravda
America Creates Serfdom Through Cap and Trade
02.12.2009Source: Pravda.RuURL:

As I have stated before, when dealing with the American government, expect only the most illogical extremes.

The so called Land of the Free, has decided to recreate the ancient and rejected art of serfdom. As anywhere in history, serfdom was set in gradually with restrictive laws that slowly or quickly ate away at the right of the people to move freely, thus guaranteeing the government a stable tax base and its favorite enterprises, a stable work force to exploit, one that can not walk away.
In America that is about to be done by their new Cap and Trade Law, that will more than likely go into affect next year. Only one of the chambers of the parliament has passed it but the other will soon.
In the name of all things green, humans in the Anglo-sphere will be turned into serfs. How interesting. The Greens or rather Watermelons, Green on the outside, Marxist Red on the Inside have found the perfect tool with which to leverage the futures of all peoples in advanced nations. No longer is the cry of power to the people, as the cover for the power grab of the more equal amongst the "equals" but instead it is the cry of Power to the Plants and the Fishes and the little buggy things that fly around and annoy you....oh and it will cost the future of yourselves and your children, but Gia will love you when you are decomposing in her belly, serf.

But how will this be done?
In the giant, unread "democratic" bills that the American parliament loves to pass, some with literally up to ten thousand pages of unread and undebated laws. (and the Americans were only ranked 19th on the list of the most corrupt nations?) To be specific, Cap and Trade (American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009) will force all home owners to make extremely costly efficiency upgrades to their homes, for energy efficiency, before the government will give the serf, er citizen, a license to sell their home. Of course, before the process begins, the serf must get and pay for a government inspection and another after the upgrades.
The level of "efficiency" will be set by the law and will rise yearly, but an appointed commissar, a national Environmental Protection Administrator, will have a further power to raise the standards as high as "needed". In other words, if the indebted, cash strapped peasants of America suddenly find ways to make those improvements and regain mobility, well, we will just raise the bar even further, steal their mobility and bleed them for more cash. This will of course result in a trained and educated work force wedded for life to their present residence, as is intended by Section 202 Building Retrofit Program. Major local employers, in the pocket of the Anglo states (or are the states in the pocket of the local paymasters?) will have a captive work force to squeeze. This will be especially true in mill towns where other choices of employment will be non existent. As for the uneducated masses, and almost half Americans never finish basic school, dropping out, they are not going anywhere anyways.
Of course, an unintended consequence will be that many more people will simply abandon their houses, as they migrate to seek work.

Might the Land of the Not Quite Free reinstates another quaint age old custom: debtor prisons? Surely, this might make sure that the serfs do not run away.
Stanislav Mishin
Mat Rodina

Friday, December 4, 2009


Boom.  Ouch.
Another day in Somali.

Heard a radio source say today that the terrs are flooding into Somalia.  Maybe so.

Ahhh, the old days

The days of Fighting Crime, Suppressing Evil and Leaping Tall Buildings in a Single Bound:

A Mardi Gras story from the files of WoFat:

Once upon a time: I had a sergeant working with me, whose name I seem to have forgotten. We were assigned to the uniform division. I was a lieutenant, given the Mardi Gras assignment of working Bourbon Street.

The sergeant observed, as he stood around doing his duty, two young men engaged in some truly stupid activity, I forget exactly what. He told them to stop doing what ever it was and to "get up the street." He was ignored. Again, in the nicest tones, he advised them to go away or they would be taking a trip to the New Orleans jail. One of the young men, whom the sergeant had gently pushed on his way, turned to him, pulled back his fist and yelled; "You can’t put me in jail. I go to Princeton University!"

With that statement, the sergeant picked the young man up and hurled him, body and soul, into the side of a prisoner transport van. Several large patrolmen picked the lad up and sat him inside the wagon. He then turned to the other youngster. "How 'bout you, boy, Do you go to Princeton University too?" The kid answered, Southern accent dripping from every syllable, "Yes suh, I do, but I'm from Macon, Georgia and I told that damn-fool Yankee not to mess with the po-leese. “"That's nice son,” said the sergeant. “You go on now, and have a fine day." Up the street the lad went, singing a little song, while his pal was introduced to the beauties of our lovely jail, operated by the Office of the Criminal Sheriff for the Parish of Orleans. I've always wondered if he perhaps found a cellmate named "Big Willy," who fell in love with his cute little Yankee self.

©Lieutenant Jack Willoughby
N.O.P.D. (Ret.)
Scottsboro, Al

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Alabama Autumn

The bright breezy days and Autumn colors of red, yellow and brown are gone.  In their place, grey Alabama skies and the stark wooden bones of naked trees.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Asian Crime Down Under

The below article - undated - was written by Sergeant Michael Watson of the Australian Federal Police.  The AFP has a fine reputation  and Mike is one of the best cops on the planet.

A Brief Overview of Asian Crime in Australia
Michael G. Watson

Australia is a federation of six states and two territories.  It has a population of some nineteen million, the majority of who live around the coastline.  The major city is Sydney, with a population of approximately four and one half million, closely followed by the second major city, Melbourne, with approximately four million.  The countries population is multi-ethnic, a large proportion of whom are immigrants.  Included in this population are many persons from East and Southeast Asia.  As with all societies the majority of these people are law-abiding citizens who want nothing more than to live their lives in peace and harmony.  Unfortunately, as with all ethnic groups, there are, amongst this law-abiding majority, a small proportion of a criminal bent.  It is with this small minority that we are concerned.

Of those immigrants from East Asia, the largest group is the ethnic Chinese.  They have been in Australia since the mid-1800’s, when they first arrived as laborers and shepherds.  Later, with the discovery of gold, there were further arrivals who came seeking their fortunes on the gold fields.  As in the United States and Canada there was, ultimately, a rise in anti-Chinese sentiment that saw immigration curtailed.  Most Australian cities developed areas, commonly referred to as Chinatown, where many Chinese resided.  Until the 1970’s, when Chinese criminals involvement in heroin trafficking became known, these communities had been seen as crime free areas and were thus ignored by both law enforcement agencies and government.

Chinese criminals in Australia are involved in various activities.  These include:

·               narcotics trafficking, principally heroin;
·               extortion of Chinese owned and operated stores and restaurants;
·               robbery, with victims including overseas Chinese students studying in Australia;
·               loan sharking;
·               prostitution;
·               illegal gambling, although this has declined following the opening of the Sydney Harbor Casino;
·               credit card fraud;
·               human smuggling; and
·               the protection/promotion of Chinese entertainers from Hong Kong and Taiwan performing in Australia.

There are a number of groups of organized ethnic Chinese criminals in Australia.  These groups claim to belong to various Triad Societies including the Sun Yee On, the 14K (both Ngai and Mui factions), the Wo Shing Wo, the Wo On Lok and the Wo Hop To.  There are also others claiming to be Big Circle Gang members.  Unlike organized Chinese criminals in other countries, such as the United States and Canada, those in Australia often change groups.  In addition to those ethnic Chinese criminals who are members of organized groups there are also many others who are independent entrepreneurs.

Are these organized criminal groups Triad Societies and are their members triads?  There are two schools of thought on this matter, with one school saying yes and the other saying no.  Both schools are able to produce convincing evidence to support their chosen position.  It has been said that the truth probably lies somewhere in between.  I would argue that the ethnic Chinese organized crime groups are not Triad Societies, although this is not to deny that some members may be initiated triads or have close ties to Triad Societies in Hong Kong.  It is noticeable that when senior Triad office bearers from Hong Kong visit Australia they are wined and dined by the members of the local organized criminal groups.

Prior to the end of the Vietnam War there were few Vietnamese in Australia.  Those that were there were diplomats, military personnel or students.  Things changed dramatically after April 1975, which saw an influx of refugees, commonly known as the “boat people”, which continued for a number of years.  More people, who came as immigrants, subsequently followed these refugees.  All these new arrivals, both refugees and immigrants, included both ethnic Vietnamese and Chinese Vietnamese.  As with the ethnic Chinese there were, amongst the many law-abiding people, criminals and those of a criminal propensity.  No distinction will be made here, when referring to Vietnamese criminals, between those who are ethnic Vietnamese and those who are Chinese Vietnamese.

Vietnamese organized crime groups, many family based, are involved in narcotics trafficking including the importation and distribution of heroin.  In many instances they control the distribution down to, and including, the street level.  Vietnamese criminals are also involved in illegal gambling, although this has declined following the opening of the Sydney Harbor Casino, loan sharking and prostitution.

Besides organized crime Vietnamese are also involved in street gangs.  These gangs are involved in a number of activities including:

·               street level drug distribution;
·               extortion of shops and restaurants;
·               home invasions, including kidnapping;
·               robbery;
·               assault; and
·               motor vehicle theft.

There are a small number of Cambodians, both ethnic Cambodians and Chinese Cambodians residing in Australia.  Organized Cambodian criminals are involved in small-scale heroin importations.  Cambodian street gang members are involved in a number of offences including:
·               street level drug distribution;
·               extortion of shops and restaurants;
·               motor vehicle theft; and
·               assault.

The number of Laotians in Australia is small.  Street gang members of this ethnicity are involved in street level drug distribution.

In recent years Australia has received an increasing number of migrants from Korea.  Members of the Korean organized criminal fraternity are involved in:

·               extortion of restaurants and karaoke bars;
·               extortion of Korean students studying in Australia; and
·               loan sharking.  Often, when the debtor is a female, she is forced into prostitution to pay off her debt.

A well organized group of Koreans was arrested in Sydney, following their breaking into a number of non-Asian owned houses, in affluent suburbs, and stealing property.  Following their arrest it was established that they had arrived in Australia on tourist visas to conduct their operation.

There is, to date, and notwithstanding numerous allegations to the contrary, no evidence to indicate organized criminal activity by the Japanese Yakuza, also known as the Boryokudan, in Australia.  It would appear that the number of Japanese residing in the country is too small to support it.  This is not to say that Japanese criminals have not visited Australia.  A number of Yakuza members have been deported for immigration offences i.e. failing to declare their criminal convictions.  There have been reports of the coercion of Japanese businesses, including tour companies and tourist shops, although no evidence has been found to substantiate these claims.  Likewise, claims that they have heavily invested their ill-gotten gains in Queensland real estate, have not been substantiated.  An interesting aside is the recent conviction, in Queensland, of the wife of an alleged retired upper level Yakuza member, for his murder.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Be Nice

For the newsletter of the Florida Association of Asian Crime Investigators

The Reminisces of an Old Fart, well past his prime:

On the Beauty of Being a Nice Guy

Working with the Violent Gang Task Force, and being seconded the Immigration and Naturalization Service, had its points. One of them was the chance to work the streets with all sorts of officers and Federal Agents. My partner was an agent.

One warm evening in Eastern New Orleans, we stopped an ethnic Vietnamese, a known drug dealer. Due to the fact he had oodles[1] of money and was driving a new car, but said he was unemployed and had not worked in years,. We confiscated his money and auto then called in the I.R.S., as well as the Financial Crimes guys from the New Orleans Police Department.[2] While waiting for these worthies to show up we chatted with our suspect, after of course reading him his rights seventy-three times and giving him a Xeroxed copy of the Constitution.
He was wearing, if you can believe it, a boat necked pull over shirt, color blue, with horizontal white stripes and blue beach pants with vertical white stripes. I called him over and, after first giving him the  “Clothing Warning” as required by the above mentioned Constitution, I took it upon myself to counsel him. “My friend,” I said[3], “that shirt and those pants look simply awful” His poor little face fell, believing as he did that he was a paragon of sartorial splendor 
He asked, “What do you mean?”
“It’s that shirt,” I told him. “You know the button down blue shirts I often wear when I’m in your neighborhood, fighting crime and suppressing evil?”
He replied he was indeed familiar with my usual attire.
“Well, a linen shirt like that with those pants and perhaps a pair of white boat shoes, would look great.”
He sincerely thanked me and said he appreciated my interest in his welfare.
My Federal Agent partner took this opportunity to come over and try also, to be his pal. His overtures of friendship were greeted with this statement.   “You? You an asshole.”
“Me?” said the shocked the Federal employee.  “Jack is the one taking all of your money and your car, and making fun of your clothes.”
“You don’t understand,” the criminal said. “Mr. Jack is our friend. He puts us in jail and shoots at us because it’s his job, but he really likes us and helps us out all the time. You? You just another federal asshole.”

The moral of this short monograph: If you want to be popular, and not get shot at too much, teach criminals how to dress.
Lieutenant Jack Willoughby
N.O.P.D. (Ret.)

[1]            An “oodle” is somewhat more than “a lot,” but a little less than “a shitload.”
[2]            Known to the cognoscenti as the “N.O.P.D."
[3]            He and I both knowing full well we were not really friends, nor bloody likely to be.