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Why it was done.

Article for Imternational Association of Asian Crime Investigators Newsletter  11/98

Why Devote Money and Manpower to Asian Involved Investigations

“Hell boy, in ten years they’ll be just like us - Americans.”

“Estimates of the annual number of illegal Chinese migrants vary from 10,000 to 100,000. The latest estimate -- conducted by the Interagency Working Group that was established to monitor illegal immigration by Chinese -- suggest smugglers bring in up to 50,000 Chinese per year.”[1]

The key word, other than the astonishing numbers mentioned, is illegal[2]. They are illegally entered aliens. Police officers and Federal Agents involved in Law Enforcement exist to enforce the law. It often seems otherwise, especially when an officer or agent is told “That’s somebody else’s job.” Cops often hear “Aliens? Call Immigration,” or “That’s what the F.B.I. is supposed to do.” We’re all supposed to do it, boys and girls; we’re in law enforcement. The majority of victims of Asian committed crime are Asian. “Protect and Serve,” means everybody, not just a black, white or Hispanic electorate. It even includes the criminals themselves; illegal aliens, gamblers, pimps, hookers, lawyers.[3] Everybody!

Not all, or even most, criminal activity involving ethnic Asians is committed by illegal entrants into the Unites States. Legal immigrants, refugees, ethnic Asians born in the United States and/or any and every variation thereof can be found in the criminal fraternity.[4] Asian criminals target their own communities as well as involve themselves in National and International networking, for illegal purpose. Ignoring these subjects because of their ability to stay out of the headlines and, generally, off television is short sighted and downright stupid.

Chinese, Vietnamese, Lao, Cambodian, Japanese, etc.: No criminal group(s) has ever been more misunderstood. Language is a - perhaps the - major problem. Few cops speak Asian languages. Fewer still speak multiple dialects of any of these languages. Many Asian language speaking officers - not all, by any means - are American born, second, or third, generation, ethnic Asians. Many of them are of families who have made every effort possible to “fit in,” and “become American.” This has included a failure to study the native language of their parents, their linguistic abilities being limited to learning at home, from family and neighbors. The farther from the formal source of study, the more mistakes creep into a spoken language.[5] Not many officers are trained to speak Asian languages. It is expensive to send someone to a good language school.[6]

Some officers, having no language training, seem afraid to associate with people who speak a language they don’t. This may be what leads some idiotic policemen[7] to make statements like “They speak English, they just pretend not to,” and the ever popular “Talk about stupid; he don’t even speak English,” when the subject they speak of tries very hard to engage them in conversation, in broken, poorly pronounced English.[8] Lack of language skills can cripple an investigation, especially when trying to listen to someone on a wire, when no one in your agency speaks the needed language. Bringing in interpreters can be, and often is, a risky business; an inept or crooked interpreter can ruin your case.

Good reason, say some administrators, to stay away from alien crimes and cultures in general, and Asian crime in particular. Wrong, wrong, wrong: Go back to the “Protect and Serve,” part. There are members of this Association who have devoted their lives to Serving and Protecting in Asian communities throughout the world, many of them in the direct face of opposition from their administrations. These are the cops that need this publication and this Association to remain a viable, growing, active tool in criminal investigations. Not all police administrators are anti-Asian. Not all cops are short sighted and chauvinistic. The people who started this network[9] had the right idea; help each other get the job done. The Annual Asian Organized Crime Conference is filled with cops from all over the world who want to do just that, get the job done. Most of them are there with the assistance of their administrators.

Triads, Yakuza, street gangs, and family businesses specializing in crime are the reasons we do this. Crime is a virus. Left untended it will continue to grow[10]. We can never stop crime entirely. But we can try like hell. Support the I.A.A.C.I. and this publication. Send in photos of your bad guys[11] and flyers on your wanted subjects. We neither need nor want confidential information, just that needed to improve the quality of members’ investigations.

Study. Learn. Protect the good guys from the bad.[12]

Jack Willoughby
Lieutenant, N.O.P.D. (Ret.)
Scottsboro, AL.
November 1998

911 Words

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