Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A need for alternate transportation now  exists.

"WASHINGTON - The Transportation Security Administration is investigating after they say an outdated version of their standard operating procedures manual was posted on the Internet. Who gets more scrutiny in line? What countries' passports are singled out? Who's exempt from screening? The answers to those questions and more were posted online for everybody to see.
The document dated May 28, 2008, is considered sensitive security information. It details who gets special treatment, and what to do with people who balk at the checkpoint.
Documents note that passengers from Cuba, North Korea, Libya and a number of other countries must undergo additional screening.
"You don't want discrimination against a certain country or against a certain population group or a certain group of people but if you don't profile, then I think you're missing the boat. You're not being realistic," Bob Boswellin, a passenger told WTTG in Washington, D.C.
It offers examples of identification documents that screeners accept, including congressional, federal air marshal and CIA ID cards; and it explains that diplomatic pouches and certain foreign dignitaries with law enforcement escorts are not subjected to any screening at all. It said certain methods of verifying identification documents aren't used on all travelers during peak travel crushes."

I have now downloaded a copy of the TSA Manual.  I must assume that every terrorist and college student in the universe has also done this.  Will someone be punished – like maybe hung naked from the landing gear of a Piper Cub?  I rather doubt it.  Flying however, has now become more dangerous by a large margin.  This will be explained away one of two ways by the democratic administration: • An innocent mistake made by an SIEU member - or - • It's Bush's fault.


Amusing Bunni said...

The Bumblers are at it again! Just cause it's dated before bummer came around, they will blame Bush. I bet one of his minions leaked it.

Opus #6 said...

Obama really DOES want to see another 9/11. Or so it would seem.