Saturday, November 28, 2009

Comments on Hurricane Katrina

Jessie Jackson and other vomit lickers are, as usual, dead wrong.

What one usually sees on television, the day after a disaster, is Red Cross trucks feeding people and handing out coffee.  Not in New Orleans, not even now, more than a week after the storm made its visit.  Why?  Well, hell, boy, the State of Louisiana in its incarnation as local Homeland Security won't let them into the city.  "We're trying to get people to leave," was the stated reason.  "The Red Cross will only make them want them to stay."

The same route taken into the city by CNN, FOX, PRAVDA, et al, could have been followed by the Red Cross.  Instead people died because the gummint of the State of Lousyana had both thumbs up its collective ass.  

Instead of screaming for Federal help the mayor should have let the food trucks roll in.  This same mayor could have let a couple of his armed bodyguards protect the trucks, make people behave, line up and be nice.

There is a saying in my former hometown.  "Naturally N'Orleans."

Wo, safe in Northeast Alabama
8 September 2005


Opus #6 said...

Is this like the sign "Don't feed the pigeons. It will only encourage them."

Of course that applies to pigeons who can fly from place to place. By the time the trucks were ready, some folks were probably already weak with hunger. How were they supposed to get out in that condition. Those officials should be ashamed of themselves.

WoFat said...

The city administration of New Orleans (i.e., the mayor) did such an awful job they were re-elected. Only in New Orleans. Do you wonder why I left, in 1998?