Saturday, March 6, 2010

Say What!!??

Spy chips hidden in 2.5 MILLION dustbins: 60pc rise in electronic bugs as council snoopers plan pay-as-you-throw tax. (Fox News)
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The British are going to tax the garbage its citizens throw away.  They're going to tax garbage!  Too bloody much.

Getting rid of a wooden indian would cost you a fortune.


LL said...

Taxing garbage.

I wonder what twinkle-toes goofball public servant came up with that one. Whoever it is needs to be drop kicked.

There was a move to do something like that in California where if you put a cereal box or something like that which can be recycled in the trash can as opposed to the recycling can, "trash examiners" would discover the crime and would call the local police, who would issue you with a misdemeanor citation.

It wasn't the State doing it, but some liberal, left wing, collectivist cities came up with the bright idea.

The police departments nixed the idea and the "green citizen groups" went away sad.

WoFat said...

The Poms tax radios and televisions, and pretty much anything and everything else. Guess taxing garbage seems normal. Wonder if this in in addition to regular fees for garbage pick-up, or instead of pick-up fees. Then the sensors might make sense. Maybe. Possibly.

LL said...

I'd forgotten all about tax on television sets, but YES THEY DO. When I lived there and some hollow chested, narrow shouldered public servant came to the door asking me to pay the tax on the television set in my flat, I gave him the bum's rush out of there. I mentioned it to the neighbors and they confirmed that it's the law. I gave the neighbor money and they went down to wherever and paid the tax for me and brought back the receipt.

Very strange.

Opus #6 said...

Bum's rush? I would like to have seen that...