Friday, July 23, 2010

Cut the Cops?

Broke California Cities Target Cop Shops

July 23, 2010 - 9:39 AM | by: Claudia Cowan
Police departments across California are under fire, as cash-strapped local governments scale back public safety spending -- often the single biggest expenditure on their books.
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Italics (Above) from Fox News Online.
Photo from BING.

"We need money, let's cut the cops, firemen and garbage collection."  Reasoning:  Everybody needs cops, firemen and garbage guys - who gives a rat's ass about, or has ever heard of, some useless overpaid City Hall womps?  Have you ever heard, "If you don't let us raise taxes we'll  cut down the Civil Rights Division, the Traffic Research Unit and the Toys for Illegals Branch?"

The more liberal the government, the quicker they are to stick it to the police.  They are also the first ones to cry and rip their hair when someone from the Toys for Illegals Branch uses an AK-47 to cut down a few of the lads working in the Civil Rights Division.  "It's the fault if the police!!  Oops, wait a minute - we don't got no police.  Oh shit!"


Opus #6 said...

Over here they have been bashing our kids with school cuts. Gotta cut the teachers and increase class sizes. Not the administration.

WoFat said...

If they cut the administration, who - pray tell - will run the school lottery?

PeaceLover said...

I agree, you need to cut the police. We don't need so many police. They always be snooping into things that don't concern them.

WoFat said...

Yep, the cops are very heavy on the snooping.