Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bill Young, formerly of Chiang-Mai, Thailand and Laos.  R.I.P. 3-6-2011.


LL said...

What can you say? The man did a job well and told the truth -- and the US Government hated him for it.

In the end he knew that his health problems were going to put him in a nursing home so he finished the business with a pistol in one hand and a rosary in the other. RIP

Opus #6 said...

He was a good-looking man.

I am sorry for your loss.

WoFat said...

Bill and I were but acquaintances. I knew his dad a bit, as my unit helped support his zoo, in Chiang-Mai. He was a great supporter of the hill tribe people and WOULD NOT let them be screwed over by the American government or anyone else.

The Young family were widely respected and there are many tales of their individual prowess and adventures.

LL said...

Not allowing the agents you've developed to be screwed over makes you unpopular.

The British seem to do a better job of it than we've been able to manage on the whole. Now that the Empire is defunct, maybe not anymore?