Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trash Bag Bombs- Lethal Garbage 

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department responded to a “fireworks” call 
in an alley located in a residential neighborhood and located a 
common household trash bag floating a few inches off the ground. The 
bag appeared filled with air with a harmless balloon appearance.  A 
patrol officer punctured the bag with a rake and the bag exploded 
causing eye and ear injuries to three patrol officers on scene.  It was 
determined the device was a “Trash Bag Bomb.”   

These devices are becoming frequently made as improvised explosive 
devices (IED’s) due to the ease of manufacturing and the availability of instructions on how to 
make the devices.  Online website,, is one of many websites that 
gives instructions on how to make these devices with cheap and accessible chemicals and 
ingredients.  The following are instructions for a trash bag bomb cited from the website: 


The Anarchist Cookbook has been around a long time and id still, from the above noted, still making trouble.


LL said...

And I thought that lethal garbage constituted fish bones, diapers that remain intact in land fills for 10,000 years and unsold copies of "Dreams of My Father".

Opus #6 said...

That's mean. I hope the police are OK.

I threw out some uncooked chicken this week. I think the trash man might keel over if he breathes "in" while driving by my can.