Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"In September 2009, US Ambassador to Japan John Roos reported to the Obama administration that the Japanese government did not think it was a good idea for President Obama to visit Hiroshima to apologize for the US having dropped an atomic bomb on that city  .  .  . "published byWikileaks revealed.

If this twit wins the next election the country deserves what happens to it.

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LL said...

President Obama has apologized for just about everything, however if he's going to beg Japanese forgiveness for Hiroshima, he should visit Nagasaki as well - then go up to and inside the powerplant with the ruptured nuclear core and apologize there for several hours on LIVE (pay-per-view) Television. The royalties of the speech could be used to pay down the national debt... I'd definitely pay my 29.95 to watch him melt.