Friday, August 20, 2010

Anti-Mosque rally planned for downtown New York on 9/11

Greg Richards

A big anti-Victory Mosque rally is being planned for downtown New York City on 9/11.  The speaker's list is growing.  It includes John Bolton, Newt Gingrich and Geert Wilders among others, and has just been joined by Ilario Pantano, the former Marine conviction conservative running for Congress in North Carolina.

From the drumbeat, it appears that we may see convoys coming in from all over the country.
Graphic from BING, Text from American Thinker.

Let us hope that every American worthy of the name, in the area of New York, finds time to attend this rally.  Perhaps a large number of super-left Muslim lovers will also show up.  I doubt obama will make it.


LL said...

Pelosi should be there to explain to the crowd why they need to be scrutinized by the Congress for their opposition to the 9/11 Victory Mosque.

And Pelosi needs to explain to her homosexual constituents why she's so pro-Muslim. These are people who would put all homosexuals to death immediately if they were in power.

But I wouldn't hold my breath for Pelosi to show.

Opus #6 said...

We need every voice to speak.