Monday, November 1, 2010


WoFat does indeed ride again.  Home from a week long vacation at Dauphin Island, Alabama.  You can't get much further south without landing in Cuba.

The government put a long sand berm along the beach, said berm being about 7 feet high.  Annoying.  They thought oil was going to overtake the beach and the island.  Didn't happen.  The bad publicity did in fact almost destroy island businesses, but the oil thing did little damage.

If you need a vacation and don't really want to hock the house and the car, try Dauphin Island.  A long (for America) history of conflict and interest.  Friendly people and lots of seafood.  Which I can't eat.  Allergic you know.  To the seafood.


LL said...

I'm glad that WoFat is indeed back in the saddle again! I've missed you in your absence.

Opus #6 said...

What a coincidence that you and LL went on beach vacations at the same time. :-D

WoFat said...

Great minds think alike.