Saturday, June 5, 2010


•A Turkish official, Itshit Plonkfizzle (or some such moniker), announced that it is impossible for muslims to commit genocide.

•Too long time white house journalist, Helen Thomas - yeah, that one, wants all the Jews in Israel to "go back to Poland."  Or Germany.  Or someplace.

Are these people real?  Is it at all possible that blank slates like this can have their words quoted all over the world?  They sound like people whose tender body parts have been caught in a blender.

And I'm sure they both have cell phones.


Teresa said...

These people have left the real world and are now living in the twilight zone. Maybe we should send Helen Thomas a one-way ticket to the Middle East so she can have fun with her Islamist extremist friends?

Opus #6 said...

I can understand that some people are anti semitic, but the AP should FIRE Helen Thomas's A$$, and Turkey should not have their officials saying stuff like that either. Hmph!

LL said...

The message is clear:

** Muslims can kill anyone they want to, wherever and whenever they want to (approved by God).

** Muslims can live wherever they want to even if it displaces somebody else (approved by God).

** Muslims (sometimes called dune coons, sand niggers, rag heads or other epithets by US soldiers are cooler than anyone else can possibly can be (as defined by God).

WoFat said...

Teresa, Helen should be entered in a brick catching contest.

Opus, "LIberal Media" is why Helen still has a job. She is no doubt senile.

LL, 10-4.