Thursday, June 17, 2010

Environmental laws work against law enforcement

Photo and (italics) text from FOX News online.

Federal environmental laws are handcuffing U.S. Border Patrol agents to a foot-and-horseback strategy as they try to battle Mexican drug cartels and illegal immigrants who are turning wide swaths of America's border with Mexico into a virtual no-man's land. 
Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, ranking Republican on the House Parks and Public Lands Subcommittee, said the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arizona -- part of which was closed in 2006 because it was considered too dangerous for Americans to visit -- is just the tip of the iceberg. 
He said there's plenty of other parkland along the border that's either closed to the public or is considered too dangerous because of concern about drug gangs, human smugglers and illegal immigrants, and that the problem is getting worse. 
"You travel here in America at your own risk," Bishop told 
The reason the parkland along the border has become so hazardous, Bishop said, is because environmental regulations restrict Border Patrol from using vehicles to patrol in those areas -- except in special circumstances. In turn, he said, drug cartels are being funneled into those swaths as immigration agents get tougher patrolling private land. 

Some poo-poo brained dolt(s) is/are making parts of America unavailable to Americans and causing Border Patrol officers to put themselves at even more risk than usual.  These stupid laws are only enforced against the enforcers of the law.  We need better people running the government.  Some folks with common sense.


LL said...

My solution: PULL BACK THE US BORDER PATROL. Allow Arizona hunting clubs access to the "Parks" and put a bounty on illegal aliens and drug runners.

(1) It would reduce the attractive nature of that smuggling route.

(2) It would be wildly popular with a segment of society.

(3) You could sell "tags" in much the same way as you sell deer and big game tags. The government might also offer a bounty for every pound of narcotic the hunting clubs recovers.

(4) For the sake of coordination (to control blue-on-blue shooting situations), each hunting club could have a full week to see how many criminals they could bag.

(5) Make it part of a reality TV series. barack hussein obama wants to generate revenue -- this might be just the ticket.

(6) Donate part of the proceeds to schools with the slogan - Our kids win too!

(7) Start a lottery on the Mexico side. If they can cross no-man's land and arrive in Phoenix alive, they win!

WoFat, this is big - BIG-BIG!!

WoFat said...

That's the most sensible suggestion I've heard. Almost "Progressive" in layout and design.
Provides jobs too, what with the extensive taxidermy needed to process the kills.