Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Photo and Italic text copied from FOX News online.

A retired U.S. Marine who runs a Massachusetts high school'sROTC program says he faces termination if he doesn't pay a $500 union fee by next week, a levy he refuses to pay because he already receives medical and dental benefits from the military.
Maj. Stephen Godin, senior naval science instructor at the Naval Junior ROTC Unit at NorthHigh School in Worcester, Mass., told he has been teaching for the Educational Association for Worcester for 15 years -- including 14 at North High School -- without having to join the union or pay an "agency fee" toward the cost of collective bargaining.

Without unions the American worker would be in awful trouble.  With unions, the American is in terrible trouble.  To me, the words "teacher" and "union" don't go well together.


LL said...

You shouldn't have to join a collective bargaining unit if you want to teach school in America. I have no problem with optional membership - but teachers need the option NOT to join.

The problem with the Teacher's Union (as with other public sector unions) is that their funds are used to BRIBE politicians who vote their raises. This isn't true of industrial public sector unions to the same extent.

I don't have a problem with collective bargaining, however public sector unions should be PROHIBITED from contributing to politicians' campaigns. Otherwise, it's an odious bribe cycle that gets out of control.

Opus #6 said...

Unions are on Santa's naughty list this year.

WoFat said...

Enough people bitched and a change was made.

Below from FOX News online.

Massachusetts lawmakers passed an amendment on Monday expected to save the job of a public high school ROTC instructor who refused to pay teachers union fees.

State senator Richard R. Tisei introduced legislation last week on behalf of Maj. Stephen L. Godin, a retired Marine and ROTC instructor who was told he'd get the ax if he didn't chalk up a $500 teachers union "agency fee."